Microsoft Mesh (Preview) overview

Welcome to the Microsoft Mesh Preview. Mesh enables people to connect with presence, share across space, and collaborate with one another, from anywhere in the world. By bringing Mesh-enabled mixed reality experiences to your organization, you can enhance virtual meetings, conduct virtual design sessions, help others remotely, and host immersive virtual meet-ups to boost productivity.

An image of people using HoloLens to collaborate.

Mesh provides a natural collaboration experience in mixed reality. People are represented as 3D avatars in a shared space. Proximity and spatial audio let people know where they are relative to one another. Users can visualize and annotate content together in a shared 3D space. A user can look at the person they're talking to, and point to features on a shared 3D object.

See the Microsoft Mesh hands-on demo video below for an overview of Mesh and what it can do for you:




Virtual collaboration

Users looking at a life size hologram of a car from different locations

Colleagues working time zones apart can collaborate as if they're physically present in the same room. Mesh is integrated with Microsoft 365, so connections, calendars, content and workflows naturally transition to their Mixed Reality world. These shared experiences help deepen understanding, increase employee engagement and improve productivity.

Spatially aware design reviews

Mesh enhances 3D design reviews by enabling users to join from anywhere using any device. Whether physically present or holoported, colleagues can see and annotate 3D models in real-time. All content persists between design sessions so teams can quickly start where they left off. This common understanding ignites ideas, sparks creativity, and forms powerful bonds.

Two people using a HoloLens and a tablet to look at a holographic scene

Help others remotely

Two people looking at climate data on a holographic globe

When employees need help, there is nothing like having an expert right next to them to provide guidance and offer new perspectives. Mesh enables remote experts to be present wherever they are needed. They can overlay contextual data and help share insights quickly and effectively, resolving issues faster.

Train and learn together

Training, especially on complex topics such as surgery, equipment maintenance, and traffic control, is hard to do without being in the same room with the instructor and looking at the same set of objects from multiple perspectives. With Mesh, employees can learn together from anywhere thanks to holoportation, holographic sharing, and visualization. Mesh helps improve the efficacy of virtual training while reducing travel and logistics costs.

People learning together

Host virtual meet-ups

A person using HoloLens to have a virtual meeting with a doctor

Foster a deeper sense of connection and community, by hosting virtual meet-ups in Mesh-powered mixed reality experiences. Form powerful bonds with others by letting your personality shine through as technology fades away.

Next steps

Get started with the Microsoft Mesh Preview by completing the Register Interest form to stay up to date with Mesh news and announcements, trying the Mesh app on your HoloLens 2, and requesting access to Mesh-enabled AltspaceVR.

If you're interested in building a Mesh-enabled mixed reality app, join the Mixed Reality Developer Program to get updates, and get notified when Mesh Public Preview begins.