About AutoPilot Profile settings

AutoPilot profile settings

You can control how Windows gets installed on user devices by using the AutoPilot profiles. The profiles contain the following settings.

AutoPilot default features (required) that are set automatically:

Setting Description
Skip Cortana, OneDrive and OEM registration
Skips the installation of consumer apps like Cortana and personal OneDrive. The device user can install these later as long as he or she is a local admin on the device. The original manufacturer registration is skipped because the device will be managed by Microsoft 365 Business.
Sign in experience with your company brand
If your company has a Add your company branding to Office 365 Sign In page, the device user will get that experience when signing in.
MDM auto-enrollment with configured AAD accounts.
The user identity will be managed by Azure Active directory, and the users will sign into Windows and Office 365 with their Microsoft 365 Business credentials.

Optional settings:

Setting Description
Skip privacy settings (Off by default)
If this option is set to On, the device user will not see the license agreement for the device and Windows when he or she first signs in.
Don't allow the user to become the local admin
If this option is set to On, the device user will not be able to install any personal apps, such as Cortana.