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To find out what Microsoft 365 Business Premium includes, watch a short video and see the Overview.

There are three ways to get Microsoft 365 Business Premium:

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Sign up steps

Watch this video for a quick overview of the sign-up process.

If you found this video helpful, check out the complete training series for small businesses and those new to Microsoft 365.

To sign up and purchase Microsoft 365 for your business, complete the following steps:

  1. On the Microsoft 365 for business page, select See plans & pricing.

  2. On the next page, find out the monthly cost, and then scroll down the page to find out more about what's included in Microsoft 365. Under Microsoft 365 Business Premium, select Buy now.

  3. On the Thank you for choosing Microsoft 365 Business Premium page, enter your information to get started.

  4. In step 1, enter an email address that you already use. This can be your current work email address or any address you want Microsoft to use to communicate with you during setup. It is also the address where we'll send you information about your bill and renewals. Then select, Set up account.

  5. In step 2, enter your name, business phone number, company name, and location. Your Country or Region determines the exact services you receive from Microsoft, and can't be changed after you complete this step. Select Next.


    We display your company name in the admin center; this is where you manage Microsoft 365 users, licenses, and so on. We also include it in any internal (SharePoint) site URLs.

  6. In step 3:

    1. Prove you're not a robot! Select either Text me or Call me, and enter a number where we can reach you. Select Send Verification Code and you'll receive a text or call right away. Enter your code and select Verify.

    2. Next, decide whether to buy a new domain name or get a temporary one:

      • I don't own a domain name

        If your email address doesn't include your business name and if you don't have a web site that uses your business name, you can easily buy a domain now. Select Buy a new domain name, and enter the name of your business. For example, if your company is called ContosoSkis, try entering,, or Then select Check availability to see whether your chosen domain is available. You can try multiple options before you make a decision. If your domain name is available, we'll let you know the cost and bill you directly with your new plan.


        if you're not sure what domain extension to choose for your new domain (for example, .com or .org), see Buy a domain name

      • I'm not sure, or I own a domain name already

        Choose Get a Microsoft domain for now. This doesn't cost anything, and later you can get a custom name for your business, or connect to one you already own. We'll show you how.

    3. Select Next to create your user ID and business email address. Enter the name (also called an alias) that you want to use. For example, Robert Young might use RobY or RobYoung as a work alias. Add a password and select Sign up. Make a note of your password. We'll send an email to the address you entered in step 1 to remind you of your user ID.

  7. In step 4:

    1. Decide how many people in your business need a Microsoft 365 license, or leave the Number of users set to 1 for now and add more people later.
    2. Select monthly or annual billing, check the total cost, and select Next.
    3. Add your credit card details. If your company address doesn't match your credit card address, we'll need your company address too. Your company address determines what taxes you pay and which services are available. For more information about taxes, see What tax will I be charged?.
    4. Select Place order. It takes a short time for Microsoft to finish setting up a new plan.

What's next?

Select Go to setup to complete other steps such as adding more security to protect your business, and downloading Office apps like Word and Excel.

To get help with setup, see set up.

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