Working with Microsoft Compliance Score (Preview)

Managing your workflow with improvement actions

Using improvement actions in Compliance Score centralizes your compliance workflows. Improvement actions suggest recommended actions to align with data protection regulations and standards, and provide detailed implementation guidance. You can assign them to users to perform the necessary implementation and testing work. You can also store documentation and notes, and record status updates right in the improvement action itself.

View your improvement actions

The Compliance Score dashboard shows your key improvement actions—the ones with the most available points which address the most important issues.

To view all of your improvement actions, select the Improvement actions tab on your dashboard, or select View all improvement actions underneath the list of key improvement actions on your dashboard. This brings you to the the Improvement actions page, where you can see all of your organization’s improvement actions.

If you have a long list of actions, it may be helpful to filter your view. To do this, select Filter at the upper-right corner of the actions list. When the Filters flyout pane appears, then select your desired criteria based on regulations and standards, solution, and group. You can also customize your view by selecting Group in the upper-right corner and, from the drop-down menu, select to view by group, solution, category, action type, or status.

The default view for this page does not show improvement actions with a test status of Passed. To view actions that have passed testing, check the Passed box in the Filters flyout pane. Only actions with a test status of Passed count toward your score.

The improvement actions page shows the following data points for each improvement action:

  • Score impact: the points by which your overall score will increase when completing the action
  • Regulations: the regulation or standard pertaining to the action
  • Group: the group to which you assigned the action
  • Solutions: the solution where you can go to perform the action
  • Assessments: the assessment (which organizes controls to meet a certain compliance objective) in which the action resides
  • Categories: the related data protection category (i.e., protect information, manage devices, etc.)
  • Test status:
    • None - no status update recorded
    • Not assessed - testing has not started
    • Not in scope - is excluded from Compliance Score calculation and does not increase your score
    • Partially tested - testing is not yet complete
    • Failed high risk - testing of implementation has failed, and the risk of non-compliance with the applicable standard is high
    • Passed - implementation successfully tested
  • Pointed achieved: shows points achieved out of the maximum that could be earned

Improvement actions details

Each improvement action has a details page. This page contains detailed implementation instructions, which explain how to take the recommended actions to address the related standards and regulatory requirements listed under the At a glance header.

The details page is where you can launch the recommended action or assign the work to another user, update status, and attach notes and documentation.

To view an improvement action's details page:

  1. Go to your improvement actions page.
  2. Click or tap anywhere in the row of your intended improvement action, which opens its details page.

You can easily view the next or previous improvement action in the list by selecting the up or down arrow in the upper-right corner of the screen. If you filtered your list on the improvement actions page, moving up or down will take you to the next item within that filtered list.

Assign improvement actions

To begin implementation work on an improvement action, you can do the work yourself or assign it to another user. The assigned person could be:

  • A business policy owner
  • An IT implementer
  • Another employee with responsibility to perform the task

Once the proper person is identified, be sure they hold a sufficient role in Compliance Score (compliance administrator, compliance data administrator, security administrator, or global administrator) to perform the work, then take the following steps:

  1. From the improvement actions details page, select Edit status near the upper-left section of the screen.

  2. In the edit status flyout pane, click or tap in the Assigned to box, which populates a Suggested people list of users. You can select the user from the list, or type the email address of the person to whom you want to assign the action.

  3. Select Save and close to complete the assignment. The assigned user will receive an email that the improvement action has been assigned to them, and they can then open the improvement action from their dashboard.

The assigned user can then perform the recommended actions outlined in the implementation instructions.

Perform work and store documentation

When you perform implementation work, you can upload files and notes directly to the improvement action in the Notes and documentation section. This provides a secure, centralized repository to help you demonstrate satisfaction of controls to meet compliance standards and regulations. Any user with read-only access can read content in this section. The ability to upload, download, or delete fields, or to enter or edit notes, is restricted to roles with editing rights.

Fields in the Notes and documentation section include:

Uploaded documents

  • Select Manage documents to upload any relevant files.
  • When the manage documents flyout pane opens, select Add document, then select your file from your system. Accepted file types:
    • Documents (.doc, .xls, .ppt, .txt, .pdf)
    • Images (.jpg, .png)
    • Video (.mkv)
    • Compressed files (.zip, .rar)
  • Once your file resolves in the pane, select Close, which automatically saves the file attachment. You will then see the file listed underneath Uploaded documents.
  • To download or delete the document, select Manage documents from underneath the list of documents. On the flyout pane, click or tap on the document row to highlight it, then select Download or Delete.

Implementation, Test, and Additional notes

  • To add notes in any of these three fields, select Edit implementation notes underneath any of thse fields.
  • When the flyout pane opens, enter notes in the text field, then select Save and close.
  • To edit notes, select Edit implementation notes, make your edits, then select Save and close.

There is no character limit in the notes fields. We recommend keeping notes brief so that you can easily view and edit them from the improvement actions details page.

Change improvement action status

You can record the implementation status and date, and the test status and date, for each improvement action. Below are the available fields and status options:

  • Implementation status: select from these status options:
    • Not implemented - action not yet implemented
    • Implemented - action implemented
    • Alternative implementation - select this option if you used other third-party tools or took other actions not included in Microsoft recommendations
    • Planned - action is planned for implementation
    • Not in scope - an option for actions not relevant to your organization; selecting this status excludes the action from scoring; unselecting it will include the action in scoring
  • Implementation date: available field when implementation status is set to Implemented or Alternative implementation; toggle through the calendar pop-up to select the date
  • Test status: select from these options:
    • Not assessed - testing has not started
    • Passed- implementation successfully tested
    • Failed low risk - testing failed, low risk
    • Failed medium risk - testing failed, medium risk
    • Failed high risk - testing failed, high risk
  • Test date: toggle through the calendar pop-up to select the date


Implementation and test status fields can be edited by any user with editing permissions, not just the Assigned to user.

Assign improvement action to assessor for completion

After you complete the work and upload evidence, the next step is to set the implementation status and date, and assign the improvement action to an assessor for validation.

Types of assessors include:

  • Internal assessors who perform validation of controls within your organization
  • External assessors who examine, verify, and certify compliance—such as third-party independent organizations that audit Microsoft cloud services

The assessor validates the work and examines the documentation, and selects the appropriate test status.

If the test status is "Passed": the action is complete, and the points achieved shows the full number of possible points achieved and counted toward your overall compliance score.

If the test status is any degree of "Failed": the action does not meet the requirements, and the assessor can assign it back to the appropriate user for additional work.

Solutions page

The Solutions page is another starting point for working on improvement actions to increase your score.

To get to your solutions page, select the Solutions tab on your dashboard, or select View all solutions underneath Solutions that affect your score in the upper-right section of your dashboard.

The solutions page shows the share of earned and potential points as organized by solution. Viewing your remaining points and improvement actions from this view helps you understand which solutions need more immediate attention.

Filtering your solutions view

To filter you view of solutions:

  1. Select Filter at the top left corner of your assessments list.
  2. On the flyout Filters pane, place a check next to the desired criteria (standards and regulations, solution, action type, Compliance Manager group, category).
  3. Select the Apply button. The filter pane will close and you will see your filtered view.

You can also modify your view to see assessments by group, product, or regulation by selecting the type of grouping from the Group drop-down menu above your assessments list.

Taking actions from the solutions page

The solutions page displays your organization’s solutions that are connected to improvement actions. The table lists each solution's contribution to your overall score, the score-enhancing points achieved and possible within that solution, and the remaining number of improvement actions grouped in that solution that can increase your score.

There are two ways you can take action from this screen:

  1. On the row of your intended solution, under the Remaining actions column, click or tap on the hyperlinked number. This takes you to a filtered view of the improvement actions screen showing untested improvement actions for that solution.

  2. On the row of your intended solution, under the Open solution column, select Open. This takes you to the solution or location in the Microsoft 365 and Office 365 security and compliance centers where you can take the recommended action.

Assessments page

The assessments page lists the assessments you select to track for your organization. Your Compliance Score denominator is determined by all your tracked assessments. The more assessments you add, the more improvement actions you see on your improvement actions page, and the higher your score denominator is.

To get to your assessments page, select the Assessments tab on your dashboard.

On this page you can quickly view important information about each assessment:

  • Status: the status toward completion of all the improvement actions in the assessment will be listed as either:
    • Non-compliant: the improvement actions in the assessment have not been implemented and successfully tested; work has not yet begun
    • In progress: work is underway in implementing or testing the improvement actions; this could mean, for example, that an improvement action in the assessment has been assigned for work, is in the process of being implemented and tested
  • Assessment progress: the percentage of the work done towards final completion of the assessment, as measured by the number of controls successfully tested.
  • Customer-managed actions: the number of completed actions to satisfy implementation of your customer-managed controls
  • Microsoft-managed actions: the number of completed actions to satisfy implementation of Microsoft-managed controls
  • Assessment group: name of the group you created, in which the assessment resides
  • Related services: associated Microsoft 365 service
  • Related regulations: the regulatory standard, policy, or law which the assessment seeks to satisfy

Default assessments

By default, you will see the Microsoft 365 data protection baseline assessment on the assessments page. Compliance Score also provides several out-of-box assessments (view the full list). If you want to add more assessments to cover additional regulations and standards, you can do this in Compliance Manager.

Managing assessments

During public preview, functionality for viewing, creating, exporting, and archiving assessments remains in the Compliance Manager tool.

To manage your assessments, select Manage Assessments in Compliance Manager at the top of the assessments list.

The other link at the top of the assessments list, Microsoft actions in Compliance Manager, takes you to the page in Compliance Manager showing Microsoft controls that contribute to your compliance score.

Filtering your assessments view

To filter you view of assessments:

  1. Select Filter at the top left corner of your assessments list.
  2. On the flyout Filters pane, place a check next to the desired criteria (standards and regulations, Compliance Manager group).
  3. Select the Apply button. The filter pane will close and you will see your filtered view.

You can also modify your view to see assessments by group, product, or regulation by selecting the type of grouping from the Group drop-down menu above your assessments list.

Managing improvement actions within an assessment

From the assessment list, under the Customer-managed actions column, select the linked text on the row of the intended assessment. This takes you a filtered view of the improvement actions page showing the actions within that assessment.


You can export a report of all your improvement actions in Compliance Score. From the Improvement actions page, select Export in the upper-left corner of your screen, above your list of actions. This will produce an Excel worksheet with all your improvement actions and the filter categories shown on the Improvement actions page, which you can view and save to your local machine.

You can also export a report from Compliance Manager. In Compliance Manager, go to the Controls Info tab and select Export in the upper-right section of the screen. This produces an Excel worksheet you can view and save.