Enable Enterprise State Roaming

For the best experience with Microsoft Managed Desktop, enable Enterprise State Roaming, which lets users securely synchronize user and application settings data to the cloud. This means they'll have the same experience no matter which Windows device they sign into. For example, if you replace one of their Microsoft Managed Desktop devices with a new one, it will look and behave exactly the same as the last one.

To enable Enterprise State Roaming, follow the steps in Enable Enterprise State Roaming in Azure Active Directory, and then return to this documentation.

If you have any difficulty with Enterprise State Roaming, contact Admin support.

Steps to get started with Microsoft Managed Desktop

  1. Add and verify admin contacts in the Admin portal
  2. Adjust conditional access
  3. Assign licenses
  4. Deploy Intune Company Portal
  5. Enable Enterprise State Roaming (this topic)
  6. Set up devices
  7. Get your users ready to use devices
  8. Deploy apps