Configure and manage Microsoft Defender for Endpoint capabilities

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Learn how to configure and manage Defender for Endpoint features, to get the best security protection for your organization.

For practical advice on connecting new devices in your organization, see Onboard devices to the Microsoft Defender for Endpoint service.

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Topic Description
Configure Microsoft Defender Security Center settings Configure portal-related settings such as general settings, advanced features, or enable the preview experience.
Configure attack surface reduction capabilities Configure attack surface reduction capabilities, to ensure that settings are properly applied, and exploit mitigation techniques are set.
Configure next-generation protection Configure next-generation protection to catch all types of emerging threats.
Configure Microsoft Threat Experts capabilities Configure and manage cybersecurity threat intelligence from Microsoft Threat Experts.
Configure Microsoft 365 Defender integration Configure other solutions that integrate with Defender for Endpoint.
Management and API support Pull alerts to your Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) or use APIs to create custom alerts. Create and build Power BI reports.