Run live response commands on a device

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API description

Runs a sequence of live response commands on a device


  1. Rate limitations for this API are 10 calls per minute (additional requests are responded with HTTP 429).

  2. 25 concurrently running sessions (requests exceeding the throttling limit will receive a "429 - Too many requests" response).

  3. If the machine is not available, the session will be queued for up to 3 days.

  4. RunScript command timeouts after 10 minutes.

  5. Live response commands cannot be queued up and can only be executed one at a time.

  6. If the machine that you are trying to run this API call is in an RBAC device group that does not have an automated remediation level assigned to it, you'll need to at least enable the minimum Remediation Level for a given Device Group.

  7. Multiple live response commands can be run on a single API call. However, when a live response command fails all the subsequent actions will not be executed.

Minimum Requirements

Before you can initiate a session on a device, make sure you fulfill the following requirements:


One of the following permissions is required to call this API. To learn more, including how to choose permissions, see Get started.

Permission type Permission Permission display name
Application Machine.LiveResponse Run live response on a specific machine
Delegated (work or school account) Machine.LiveResponse Run live response on a specific machine

HTTP request


Request headers

Name Type Description
Authorization String Bearer<token>. Required.
Content-Type string application/json. Required.

Request body

Parameter Type Description
Comment String Comment to associate with the action.
Commands Array Commands to run. Allowed values are PutFile, RunScript, GetFile.


Command Type Parameters Description
PutFile Key: FileName

Value: <file name>

Puts a file from the library to the device. Files are saved in a working folder and are deleted when the device restarts by default.
RunScript Key: ScriptName
Value: <Script from library>

Key: Args
Value: <Script arguments>

Runs a script from the library on a device.

The Args parameter is passed to your script.

Timeouts after 10 minutes.

GetFile Key: Path
Value: <File path>
Collect file from a device. NOTE: Backslashes in path must be escaped.


  • If successful, this method returns 201 Created.

    Action entity. If machine with the specified ID was not found - 404 Not Found.


Request example

Here is an example of the request.



   "Comment":"Testing Live Response API"

Response example

Here is an example of the response.

HTTP/1.1 200 Ok

Content-type: application/json

    "@odata.context": "$metadata#MachineActions/$entity",
    "id": "{machine_action_id}",
    "type": "LiveResponse",
    "requestor": "",
    "requestorComment": "Testing Live Response API",
    "status": "Pending",
    "machineId": "{machine_id}",
    "computerDnsName": "hostname",
    "creationDateTimeUtc": "2021-02-04T15:36:52.7788848Z",
    "lastUpdateDateTimeUtc": "2021-02-04T15:36:52.7788848Z",
    "errorHResult": 0,
    "commands": [
            "index": 0,
            "startTime": null,
            "endTime": null,
            "commandStatus": "Created",
            "errors": [],
            "command": {
                "type": "RunScript",
                "params": [
                        "key": "ScriptName",
                        "value": "minidump.ps1"
                        "key": "Args",
                        "value": "OfficeClickToRun"
        }, {
            "index": 1,
            "startTime": null,
            "endTime": null,
            "commandStatus": "Created",
            "errors": [],
            "command": {
                "type": "GetFile",
                "params": [{
                        "key": "Path", "value": "C:\\windows\\TEMP\\"