Gain insights through Attack simulation training

Applies to Microsoft Defender for Office 365 plan 2

Within Attack simulation training, Microsoft provides you with insights based on outcomes of simulations and trainings that employees went through. These insights will help keep you informed on the threat readiness progress of your employees, as well as recommend next steps to better prepare your employees and your environment for attacks.

We are continuously working on expanding the insights that are available to you. Behavior impact and recommended actions are currently available. To start, head over to Attack simulation training in the Microsoft 365 Defender portal.

Behavior impact on compromise rate

On the Overview tab of Attack simulation training, you'll find the behavior impact on compromise rate card. This card shows how employees dealt with the simulations you ran in contrast to the predicted compromise rate. You can use these insights to track progress in employees threat readiness by running multiple simulations against the same groups of employees.

In the graph you can see:

  • Predicted compromise rate which reflects the average compromise rate for simulations using the same type of payload across other Microsoft 365 tenants that use Attack simulation training.
  • Actual compromise rate reflects the percentage of employees that fell for the simulation.

Additionally, <number> less susceptible to phishing reflects the difference between actual number of employees compromised by the attack and the predicted compromise rate. This number of employees is less likely to be compromised by similar attacks in the future, while <percent%> better than predicted rate indicates how employees did overall in contrast with the predicted compromise rate.

Behavior impact card on Attack simulation training overview

To see a more detailed report, click View simulations and training efficacy report. This report provides the same information with additional context from the simulation itself (for example, simulation technique and total users targeted).

On the Simulations tab, selecting a simulation will take you to the simulation details, where you'll find the Recommended actions section.

The recommended actions section details recommendations as available in Microsoft Secure Score. These recommendations are based on the payload used in the simulation, and will help you protect your employees and your environment. Clicking on each improvement action will take you to its details.

Recommendation actions section on Attack simulation training

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