Auto-forwarded messages insight in the Security & Compliance Center


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The Auto-forwarded messages insight in the Mail flow dashboard in the Security & Compliance Center displays information about messages that are automatically forwarded from your organization to recipients in external domains.

Auto-forwarded messages widget in the Security & Compliance Center

Auto-forwarded messages details

When you click the number of messages in the widget, a flyout pane appears that shows more information about the auto-forwarded messages:

  • Auto-forwarded messages by forwarding methods:

  • Auto-forwarded messages by domains and users:

    • Top 5 domains forwarded to
    • New domains (last week)
    • Top 5 forwarding users
    • New users (last week)
    • A link to the Forwarding modifications report for more details.

Details flyout for the Auto-forwarded messages report in the Security & Compliance Center


Two insights are generated based on the report data:

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