Step 2: Uploading a Package

On the Test Base portal page, navigate to the Upload new package option on the left navigation bar as shown below:

Upload a new package.

Once there, follow the steps below to upload a new package.

Enter details for your package

On the Test details tab, type in your package's name, version, and other details as requested.

Out-of-Box and Functional testing can be done via this dashboard.

The steps below provides a guide on how to fill out your package details:

  1. Enter the name to be given your package in the Package name field.


    The package name and version combination entered must be unique within your organization. This is validated by the checkmark as shown below.

    • If you choose to reuse a package's name, then the version number must be unique (that is, never been used with a package bearing that particular name).

    • If the combination of the package name + version doesn't pass the uniqueness check, you'll see an error message that reads, "Package with this package version already exists".

    Image for uploading package instructions.

  2. Enter a version in the "Package version" field.

    Package version.

  3. Select the type of test you want to run on this package.

    An Out-of-Box (OOB) test performs an install, launch, close, and uninstall of your package. After the install, the launch-close routine is repeated 30 times before a single uninstall is run.

    This OOB test provides you with standardized telemetry on your package to compare across Windows builds.

    A Functional test would execute your uploaded test script(s) on your package. The scripts are run in upload sequence and a failure in a particular script will stop subsequent scripts from executing.


    All scripts run for 80 minutes at the most.

  4. Select the OS update type.

    • The ‘Security updates’ enables your package to be tested against incremental churns of Windows pre-release monthly security updates.
    • The ‘Feature updates’ enables your package to be tested against Windows pre-release bi-annual feature updates builds from the Windows Insider Program.

    OS update type.

  5. Select the OS version(s) for Security update tests.

    In the multi-select dropdown, select the OS version(s) of Windows your package will be installed on.

    • To test your package only against Windows client operating systems, select the applicable Windows 11 OS versions from the menu list.
    • To test your package only against Windows Server operating systems, select the applicable Windows Server OS versions from the menu list.
    • To test your package only against Windows client and Windows Server operating systems, select all applicable operating systems from the menu list.


    If you select to test your package against both Server and Client OSes, please make sure that the package is compatible and can run on both OSes

    Selecting an OS version.

  6. Select options for Feature update tests:

    • On the option to "Select Insider Channel", select the Windows Insider Program Channel as the build that your packages should be tested against.

      We currently use builds flighted in the Insider Beta Channel.

    • On the option to "Select OS baseline for Insight", select the Windows OS version to be used as a baseline in comparing your test results.


    We DO NOT support Feature update testing for Server OSes at this time

    Feature update testing.

  7. A completed Test details page should look like this:

    Viewing test details.

Next steps

Our next article covers Uploading your Binaries to our service.