Checklist: Create, Edit, and Deploy a GPO

In an environment where multiple people change Group Policy Objects (GPOs) by using Advanced Group Policy Management (AGPM), an AGPM Administrator (Full Control) delegates permission to Editors, Approvers, and Reviewers either as groups or as individuals. The following is a typical GPO development process for an Editor and an Approver.

Task Reference

Editor requests that a new GPO be created or an Approver creates a new GPO.

Request the Creation of a New Controlled GPO

Create a New Controlled GPO

Approver approves the creation of the GPO if it was requested by an Editor.

Approve or Reject a Pending Action

Editor checks out a copy of the GPO from the archive so that no one else can modify the GPO. Editor makes changes to the GPO, and then checks the modified GPO into the archive.

Edit a GPO Offline

If developing in a test forest, Editor exports the GPO to a file, transfers the file to the production forest, and imports the file. Additionally, an Editor can link the GPO to an organizational unit that contains test computers and users.

Using a Test Environment

Editor requests deployment of the GPO to the production environment of the domain.

Request Deployment of a GPO

Reviewers, such as Approvers or Editors, analyze the GPO.

Performing Reviewer Tasks

Approver approves and deploys the GPO to the production environment of the domain or rejects the GPO.

Approve or Reject a Pending Action

Additional references

Advanced Group Policy Management 4.0