Contents Tab

The Contents tab on the Change Control pane provides access to Group Policy Objects (GPOs) and a shortcut menu for managing GPOs. The options displayed when right-clicking items are dependent on your role, your permissions, and your ownership stake in the GPO being managed. Additionally, these shortcut menus differ with the state of the GPO being managed.

The following secondary tabs filter the list of GPOs displayed:

  • Controlled: GPOs managed by Advanced Group Policy Management (AGPM)

  • Uncontrolled: GPOs not managed by AGPM

  • Pending: GPO changes awaiting approval by an Approver

  • Templates: GPO templates for creating new GPOs and comparing to existing GPOs

  • Recycle Bin: Deleted GPOs

The Contents tab and its secondary tabs provide details about each GPO and access to the history of each GPO:

When you right-click GPOs on any secondary tab, a shortcut menu unique to that tab is displayed, providing commands for managing the GPOs:

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