About Sharing Package Accelerators Page

This following information provides best practice information about how to share Package Accelerators. If you plan to share Package Accelerators files, information such as computer names, user account information, and information about applications included in the transforms might be included in the Package Accelerators file. You should review any settings or configuration files associated with the virtual application package to ensure the applications do not contain any personal information.This page contains the following elements.

  • Username. When you log on to the computer running the Microsoft App-V Sequencer, you should use a generic user account, such as the built-in administrator account. You should not use an account that is based on an existing user name.

  • Computer Name. Specify a general, non-identifying name of the computer running the Sequencer.

  • Server URL. In the App-V Sequencer console, on the Deployment tab, use the default settings for the server URL configuration information.

  • Applications. If you do not want to share the list of applications that were installed on the computer running the Sequencer when you created the Package Accelerator, you must delete the appv_manifest.xml file. This file is located in the package root directory of the virtual application package.

Create Package Accelerator Wizard (AppV 4.6 SP1)

About App-V Package Accelerators (App-V 4.6 SP1)