App-V Postinstallation Checklist

The following checklist provides a high-level list of items to consider and outlines the steps you should take after you have completed the installation of the Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) Management Server, App-V Streaming Server, and the App-V Desktop Client.

Step Reference

Create firewall exceptions for the App-V Management Server or Streaming Server services.

Configuring the Firewall for the App-V Servers

Verify that the App-V system is functioning correctly by publishing, streaming, and testing the default application.

How to Install and Configure the Default Application

Configure the App-V Client to use the App-V Streaming Server or other server for streaming by means of the ApplicationSourceRoot, IconSourceRoot, and OSDSourceRoot settings.

How to Configure the Client for Application Package Retrieval

Understand how to use the .msi file version of sequenced application packages for offline deployment.

How to Publish a Virtual Application on the Client

(Optional) Configure SQL Server database mirroring for the App-V database.

How to Configure Microsoft SQL Server Mirroring Support for App-V

Application Virtualization Deployment and Upgrade Checklists