Exclusion Items Tab

The Exclusion Items tab displays the expressions that the Application Virtualization Sequencer excludes from the virtual file system or virtual registry. These expressions are excluded to ensure that the sequenced application package can run on Application Virtualization Desktop Clients. You can also exclude non-standard installation directories that might be unwanted in the sequencing.

This tab contains the following elements.

Exclude Path
Displays variable names that the Sequencer excludes if encountered while parsing virtual file system items or virtual registry items.

Resolves To
Displays the actual paths that correspond to the Sequencer variables.

Map Type
Displays mapping rules that the Sequencer applies to parse items in the virtual file system or virtual registry. One of the following values can occur:

Click to enter a new exclusion item.

Click to edit a selected exclusion.

Click to remove a selected exclusion.

Save As Default
Click to save the current exclusion items as your default.

Restore Defaults
Click to restore default-assigned exclusion items and remove any items you added.

Click to accept the displayed exceptions.

Click to cancel any changes you have made.

Application Virtualization Sequencer Options Dialog Box

Exclusion Item Dialog Box