How to Create a Virtual Environment for a Web-Based Application

You can create separate virtual environments for web applications you want to isolate. Creating separate web environments is useful if the web-based applications require plug-ins of have configurations that conflict with each other.

To create a virtual environment for a Web-based application

  1. Open the sequencing wizard. For more information about sequencing an application see How to Sequence a New Application.

  2. On the Monitor Installation page, to start monitoring the installation of the application, click Begin Monitoring. Open a web browser and navigate to the installer file associated with the application. Install the application, and perform any required post installation configuration tasks.

  3. To ensure the applications starts, open the application three times.

  4. Install and configure any additional applications that need to reside in the same virtual environment.

  5. Complete the remainder of the Sequencing Wizard.

  6. To save the application, select File, and click Save.

Tasks for the Application Virtualization Sequencer