How to Edit an OSD File Using a Text Editor

Use the following procedure to edit an Open Software Descriptor (OSD) file by using a text editor.

To edit an OSD file by using a text editor

  1. Open the OSD file using any XML or ASCII text editor—for example, Microsoft Notepad.

    Before modifying the OSD file, read the schema prescribed by the XSD file in the install directory. Failing to follow this schema might introduce errors that prevent a sequenced application from starting successfully.

  2. Edit the OSD file using your XML or ASCII text editor of choice, adhering to the prescribed schema and the following guidelines:

    1. Ensure that named elements are nested within the <SOFTPKG> root element.

    2. Ensure that element names are in all uppercase letters.

    3. Be aware that attribute values are case sensitive.

    4. Type carefully, and observe the XML specifications.

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