How to Upgrade a Virtual Application by Using the Command Line

Use the following procedure to upgrade a virtual application by using a command line.

To upgrade a virtual application

  1. On the computer that is running the Application Virtualization (App-V) Sequencer, to open the command prompt, select Start, Run, and type cmd. Click OK.

  2. At the command prompt, specify the location where the App-V Sequencer is installed. For example, at the command prompt, you could type the following: cd C:\Program Files\Microsoft Application Virtualization Sequencer.

  3. At the command prompt, type the following command, replacing the text in quotation marks with your values:

    SFTSequencer /UPGRADE:“pathtosourceSPRJ” /INSTALLPACKAGE:“pathtoUpgradeInstaller” /DECODEPATH:”pathtodecodefolder” /OUTPUTFILE:“pathtodestinationSPRJ”

    You can specify additional parameters by using the command line, depending on the complexity of the application you are upgrading. For a complete list of parameters that are available for use with the App-V Sequencer, see Sequencer Command-Line Parameters.

Use the value descriptions in the following table to help you determine the actual text you will use in the preceding command.

<col width="50%" />
<col width="50%" />
<tr class="header">
<th align="left">Value</th>
<th align="left">Description</th>
<tr class="odd">
<td align="left"><p><em>pathtosourceSPRJ</em></p></td>
<td align="left"><p>Specifies the directory location of the virtual application to be upgraded.</p></td>
<tr class="even">
<td align="left"><p><em>pathtoUpgradeInstaller</em></p></td>
<td align="left"><p>Specifies the Windows Installer or a batch file that will be used to install an upgrade to the application.</p></td>
<tr class="odd">
<td align="left"><p><em>pathtodecodefolder</em></p></td>
<td align="left"><p>Specify the directory in which to unpack the SFT file.</p></td>
<tr class="even">
<td align="left"><p><em>pathtodestinationSPRJ</em></p></td>
<td align="left"><p>Specifies the path and file name of the SPRJ file that will be created.</p></td>
  1. Press Enter.

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