Monitoring Application Virtualization Servers

To simplify Application Virtualization (App-V) Server management, you can use the System Center Operations Manager 2007 Management Pack. This Management Pack supports only Application Virtualization (App-V) 4.5 servers; it does not support previous server versions. The Management Pack maximizes App-V Server availability for handling App-V Client requests.

Status Indicators

The App-V Server health status indicators are color-coded. The colors represent the following status values:

  • No color indicates that the server is running without non-recoverable errors.

  • Yellow indicates that one of the components is not functioning correctly. The overall functionality of the server is degraded, but the server is still available.

  • Red indicates that the server is not available and that it cannot provide key services or communicate with external service dependencies.

Monitoring Criteria

The Management Pack monitors the following aspects of server health:

  • Server Status—monitors server events to validate that the server is providing its expected services.

  • Data Store Access—tracks the ability of one or more of the App-V Management Servers to access and communicate with the App-V data store.

  • Content Data Access—monitors access to the \Content directory, which might be a local directory or a network share, and the ability to read the requested files.

  • Security—reports errors with the App-V Server’s certificate and secure communications.

  • Client Request Handling—monitors the ability of one or more of the App-V Servers to handle and correctly respond to client requests. These requests include publishing such items as configuration requests, package load requests, and out of sequence requests.

  • Server Configuration—checks the configuration settings of the App-V Server. These configuration settings include the settings in the registry and in the App-V data store.

Server Differences

The main differences between the App-V Management Server and the App-V Streaming Server are as follows:

  • App-V Management Servers can provide publishing, streaming, management, and reporting services. Therefore, the Management Pack can manage more aspects of the App-V Management Server than it can manage on the App-V Streaming Server, which provides only package streaming.

  • The App-V Streaming Server does not have an App-V data store, so data store access is not monitored. The configuration information for the App-V Streaming Server is managed in the registry.

  • The App-V Streaming Server does not use the App-V Server Management Console interface; use other tools to manage the configuration.

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