Planning for Application Virtualization System Deployment

This section provides important information to help you plan your deployment of Microsoft Application Virtualization.

In This Section

Best Practices for the Application Virtualization Sequencer
Provides important security-related planning information about setting up the Application Virtualization Sequencer to sequence application packages.

Planning the Application Virtualization Sequencer Implementation
Provides planning guidance for implementing the App-V sequencer.

Using Electronic Software Distribution as a Package Management Solution
Provides planning guidance for using an electronic software distribution system to manage application package content, including setting up publishing and streaming.

Using Application Virtualization Servers as a Package Management Solution
Provides the planning information necessary for managing application package content in an Application Virtualization Server-based deployment.

Planning for Application Virtualization Client Deployment
Provides important planning considerations for deploying the Application Virtualization Client.

Planning for Migration from Previous Versions
Identifies the steps for upgrading from a previous version and lists several important factors to consider.

Planning for Security and Protection
Provides information about enhanced security features in Application Virtualization 4.5.


Application Virtualization Reference

Application Virtualization Deployment and Upgrade Considerations

Application Virtualization Server-Based Scenario

Electronic Software Distribution-Based Scenario

Stand-Alone Delivery Scenario for Application Virtualization Clients