Verify Applications Page (Package Accelerators)

Use the Verify Applications page to review the installer file dependencies that are saved with the package. These files are required when the Package Accelerator is used to create a new virtual application package.

You can add or edit the following types of information. Only the application Name is required; however, you should provide as much information as possible to help ensure that a new virtual application package is created successfully when you use a package accelerator:

  • Name. You must specify a name.

  • Publisher. Optionally specify information about the application publisher.

  • Version. Optionally specify application version information.

  • Language. Optionally specify language information.

This page contains the following elements:

Adds a new installation file dependency that will be required when the Package Accelerator is applied.

Deletes a selected dependency file that is currently part of the Package Accelerator.

Enables you to edit the properties associated with the selected installer file’s dependency.

Create Package Accelerator Wizard (AppV 4.6 SP1)