App-V 5.0 Deployment Checklist

This checklist can be used to help you during Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) 5.0 deployment.

This checklist outlines the recommended steps and a high-level list of items to consider when deploying App-V 5.0 features. It is recommended that you copy this checklist into a spreadsheet program and customize it for your use.

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Complete the planning phase to prepare the computing environment for App-V 5.0 deployment.

App-V 5.0 Planning Checklist

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Review the App-V 5.0 supported configurations information to make sure selected client and server computers are supported for App-V 5.0 feature installation.

App-V 5.0 Supported Configurations

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Run App-V 5.0 Setup to deploy the required App-V 5.0 features for your environment.


Keep track of the names of the servers and associated URL’s created during installation. This information will be used throughout the installation process.

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Deploying App-V 5.0