MBAM 2.5 Deployment Checklist

You can use this checklist to help you during Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring (MBAM) deployment with a Stand-alone topology.

This checklist outlines the recommended steps and a high-level list of items to consider when you deploy Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring features. We recommend that you copy this checklist into a spreadsheet program and customize it for your use.

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Review and complete all planning steps to prepare your environment for MBAM deployment.

MBAM 2.5 Planning Checklist

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Review the supported configurations information to ensure that MBAM supports the selected client and server computers.

MBAM 2.5 Supported Configurations

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Install the MBAM Server software.

Installing the MBAM 2.5 Server Software

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Configure the MBAM Server features:

  • Compliance and Audit Database and Recovery Database

  • Reports

  • Web applications

  • Configuration Manager Integration topology (needed only if you are running MBAM with this topology)


Note the names of the servers on which you configure each feature. You will use this information throughout the configuration process.

Configuring the MBAM 2.5 Server Features

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Validate the MBAM configuration.

Validating the MBAM 2.5 Server Feature Configuration

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Copy the MBAM Group Policy Template and edit the Group Policy settings.

Copying the MBAM 2.5 Group Policy Templates and Editing the MBAM 2.5 Group Policy Settings

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Deploy the MBAM Client software.

Deploying the MBAM 2.5 Client

Deploying MBAM 2.5

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