Configuring MED-V Server for Cluster Mode

You can configure the MED-V server in cluster mode. In cluster mode, two servers are used and all files identified as mutual to both servers are placed on a file system. The server accesses the files from the file system rather than storing the files locally.

To configure the MED-V server in cluster mode

  1. Install and configure MED-V on one of the servers.

  2. Create a shared network in a central location where all of the servers can access it.

  3. Copy the contents of the <InstallDir>/Servers/ConfigurationServer folder to the shared network.

  4. Install MED-V server on all designated servers.

  5. On the shared network, assign full access to all MED-V server system accounts.

  6. On each server, do the following:

    1. In the <InstallDir>/Servers/ServerConfiguration.xml file, set the value of <StorePath> to the shared network path.

    2. Copy the <InstsallDir>/Servers/KeyPair.xml file from the original server to all MED-V servers.

    3. Restart the MED-V service.

If all servers have the same local settings (such as listening ports, IIS server, management permissions, report database, and so on), the <InstallDir>/Servers/ServerSettings.xml can be shared by all servers as well.

MED-V Infrastructure Planning and Design