MED-V 1.0 Installation Checklist

The following checklist is intended to provide a high-level list of items to consider and outlines the steps you should take to install Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V) 1.0.

Step Reference

Ensure your computing environment meets the supported configurations required for installing MED-V 1.0.

MED-V 1.0 Supported Configurations

Plan and design the MED-V server infrastructure.

MED-V Infrastructure Planning and Design

Verify the required prerequisites are configured.

MED-V Installation Prerequisites

Install and configure the MED-V server.

How to Install and Configure the MED-V Server Component

If using an image repository, configure the image Web distribution server.

How to Configure the Image Web Distribution Server

Install the MED-V client and management console.

How to Install MED-V Client and MED-V Management Console