Deployment of MED-V

The topics in this section help you prepare your environment for deploying Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V) 2.0.

In This Section

End-to-End Deployment Scenario for MED-V 2.0
Describes an end-to-end deployment scenario for MED-V 2.0.

MED-V 2.0 Supported Configurations
Describes the supported configurations for MED-V 2.0.

MED-V 2.0 Deployment Overview
Describes the requirements for deploying MED-V 2.0.

Prepare the Deployment Environment for MED-V
Provides procedures for configuring the MED-V 2.0 environment and installation prerequisites.

Deploy the MED-V Components
Describes how to install the MED-V Host Agent, the MED-V Workspace Packager, and other components required to run MED-V 2.0.

Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization 2.0