Microsoft Edge group policies

Microsoft Edge works with Group Policy and Microsoft Intune to help you manage your organization's computer settings. Group Policy objects (GPOs) can include registry-based Administrative Template policy settings, security settings, software deployment information, scripts, folder redirection, and preferences.

  • Address bar

    Learn how you can configure Microsoft Edge to show search suggestions in the address bar.

  • Adobe Flash

    Learn how you can configure Microsoft Edge to load Adobe Flash content automatically.

  • Books Library

    Learn how you can set up and use the books library, such as using a shared books folder for students and teachers.

  • Browser experience

    Learn how you can customize the browser settings, such as printing and saving browsing history, plus more.

  • Developer tools

    Learn how to configure Microsoft Edge for development and testing.

  • Extensions

    Learn how you can configure Microsoft Edge to either prevent or allow users to install and run unverified extensions.

  • Favorites

    Learn how you can provision a standard favorites list as well as keep the favorites lists in sync between IE11 and Microsoft Edge.

  • Home button

    Learn how you can customize the home button or hide it.

  • Interoperability and enterprise guidance

    Learn how you use Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer together for a full browsing experience.

  • Kiosk mode deployment in Microsoft Edge

    Learn how Microsoft Edge kiosk mode works with assigned access to let IT administrators create a tailored browsing experience designed for kiosk devices.

  • New Tab page

    Learn how to configure the New Tab page in Microsoft Edge.

  • Prelaunch Microsoft Edge and preload tabs

    Learn how pre-launching helps the performance of Microsoft Edge and minimizes the amount of time required to start up Microsoft Edge.

  • Search engine customization

    Learn how you can set the default search engine and configure additional ones.

  • Security and privacy

    Learn how you can keep your environment and users safe from attacks.

  • Start page

    Learn how to configure the Start pages in Microsoft Edge.

  • Sync browser

    Learn how to you can prevent the "browser" group from syncing and prevent users from turning on the Sync your Settings toggle.

  • Telemetry and data collection

    Learn how you can configure Microsoft Edge to collect certain data.

  • All group policies

    View all available group policies for Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.