What's New in EdgeHTML 13

Here are the changes shipped with EdgeHTML 13, the engine powering the Microsoft Edge browser in the first major update for Windows 10 (11/2015, Build 10586). For an overview of changes to the overall Microsoft Edge browser, see Introducing EdgeHTML 13, our first platform update for Microsoft Edge.

Here's the permalink for the following list of changes: https://aka.ms/devguide_edgehtml_13.



EdgeHTML 13 supports new CSS features, including:

Encrypted Media Extensions

Microsoft Edge now supports the new unprefixed Encrypted Media Extensions APIs. Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) extends the video and audio elements to enable Digital Rights Management (DRM) protected content without using plug-ins. Read more about EME: Encrypted Media Extensions.


EdgeHTML 13 introduces the following graphics updates:


EdgeHTML 13 includes major improvements and new feature support in Chakra, the JavaScript engine powering Microsoft Edge, including:

New features (on by default)

Experimental JavaScript features (enabled with about:flags)

User Input

The following features introduced in EdgeHTML 13 improve user input:

Pointer Lock

Microsoft Edge now supports the Pointer Lock API (previously called Mouse Lock) for access to raw mouse movement, locking the target of mouse events to a single element, eliminating limits of how far mouse movement can go in a single direction, and removing the cursor from view.

New APIs in EdgeHTML 13

Here's the full list of new APIs in EdgeHTML 13. They are listed in the format of [interface name].[api name].