Change DevTools placement (Undock, Dock to bottom, Dock to left)

By default, Microsoft Edge DevTools is docked to the right of your viewport (window). You may also dock DevTools to the bottom or left of the window, or undock DevTools to a separate window.

DevTools docked to the left side of the window:

DevTools docked to the bottom of the window:

DevTools may be undocked to a separate window, which you may move to a separate monitor:

Browser window:

DevTools undocked in a separate window:

Change placement from the main menu

  1. Choose Customize and control DevTools (...) and choose Undock into separate window (Undock), Dock to bottom (Dock to bottom), or Dock to left (Dock to left).

    Choose Undock Into Separate Window

Change placement from the Command Menu

  1. Open the Command Menu, by selecting Shift+Ctrl+P on Windows/Linux or Command+Shift+P on macOS.

  2. After the > character, enter dock, and then choose one of the following commands:

    • Dock to bottom
    • Dock to left
    • Dock to right
    • Restore last dock position
    • Undock into separate window

    You may also access the commands from the main menu.

    The Undock command


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