Cookies manager

Use the Debugger Cookies manager to inspect and manage the cookies for the given domain.

The Cookies folder inside the Debugger's Resource picker displays a list of origins from the resources loaded by the page. Selecting one of these frames opens up a table representing the current cookies set by either HTTP header or via script with Document.cookie.

DevTools Cookies manager

From the Cookies tab toolbar you can:

  • Refresh (Ctrl+F5) the Cookies list to see the current set of cookies for the given domain. (The list does not auto-refresh.)
  • Delete all cookies (Ctrl+Shift+Del) (session and permanent) for the path of the current page.
  • Delete all session cookies (Ctrl+Del) for the path of the current page.

To completely clear your Cookies list, you might need to Clear all cookies for the domain from the Network panel toolbar.

Cookies list

From the Cookies list table you can:

  • Inspect and sort your cookies by clicking on any column name in the table.
  • Edit the Name and Value of an existing cookie by clicking in the cell.
  • Delete (Del) a cookie from the right-click context menu option, Delete cookie.
  • Add a new session cookie for the given Domain/Path by clicking on the empty row at the bottom of the table. This only works for session cookies; permanent cookies (with specific expiry dates) must be set with traditional methods. The Domain and Path values are auto-filled according to the location of the page.

The columns of the Cookies list are sortable:

Column Description
Name Name of the cookie
Value Value of the cookie
Domain Host name of the cookie (may be empty)
Path URL path for the cookie (may be empty)
Expires Maximum lifetime of the cookie as an HTTP-date timestamp. If no Expires or Max-Age was set, the entry is considered a Session cookie.
HTTP only Indicates if the cookie was set with HttpOnly directive, indicating that it is inaccessible from JavaScript
Secure Indicates if the cookie was set with the Secure directive, indicating it will only be sent to the server from a request using SSL and the HTTPS protocol.

See the MDN web docs Set-Cookie reference for further details on cookie properties.

Context menu

In addition to the Cookies tab toolbar, you can also manage your cookies from the right-click Context menu and/or the keyboard shortcuts.


Action Shortcut
Refresh Ctrl + F5
Delete cookie Del
Delete all cookies Ctrl + Shift + Del
Delete all session cookies Ctrl + Del
Copy selected items Ctrl + C
Select all Ctrl + A