Local and Session storage managers

Use the Debugger Local Storage manager and Session Storage manager to inspect and manage the web storage for your page.

The Local Storage and Session Storage folders inside the Debugger's Resource picker display a list of origins for the page. Selecting one of these frames opens up an editable table of the current key/value pairs set via Window.localStorage or Window.sessionStorage, respectively (and/or set directly from the DevTools Storage list).

DevTools Cookies manager

From the Local Storage and Session Storage tab toolbars you can:

  • Refresh (Ctrl+F5) the storage list to see the current set of key/values pairs for the given domain. (The list does not auto-refresh upon script updates.)

  • Simulate reaching the storage limit for Microsoft Edge web storage. Each domain and subdomain has its own storage area, however there is a combined limit:

    • Subdomains: up to 5 MBs of space
    • Domains: up to 10 MBs of space
    • Total for all domains: up to 50 MBs of space

    Session storage is cleared as soon as the last browser tab referencing its origin is closed. Local storage entries persist indefinitely until cleared programmatically by the page or manually by the user:

    Settings > Clear browsing data > Cookies and saved website data

Clear browsing data from the Microsoft Edge Settings panel

Storage list

From the Storage list table you can:

  • Inspect and sort your key/value pairs by clicking on either column name in the table.
  • Edit the Key and Value of an existing entry by clicking in the cell.
  • Delete (Del) an entry from the right-click context menu option, Delete item.
  • Add a new key/value pair by clicking on the empty row at the bottom of the table.


Action Shortcut
Refresh Ctrl + F5
Delete item Del
Copy selected items Ctrl + C
Select all Ctrl + A