CoreWebView2ProcessFailedKind Enum

Specifies the process failure kind used in CoreWebView2ProcessFailedEventArgs. The values in this enum make reference to the process kinds in the Chromium architecture. For more information about what these processes are and what they do, see Browser Architecture - Inside look at modern web browser.

Name Value Description
BrowserProcessExited 0x0 Indicates that the browser process ended unexpectedly. The WebView automatically moves to the Closed state. The app has to recreate a new WebView to recover from this failure.
RenderProcessExited 0x1 Indicates that the main frame's render process ended unexpectedly. A new render process is created automatically and navigated to an error page. You can use the CoreWebView2.Reload method to try reload the page that failed.
RenderProcessUnresponsive 0x2 Indicates that the main frame's render process is unresponsive.
FrameRenderProcessExited 0x3 Indicates that a frame-only render process ended unexpectedly. The process exit does not affect the top-level document, only a subset of the subframes within it. The content in these frames is replaced with an error page in the frame.
UtilityProcessExited 0x4 Indicates that a utility process ended unexpectedly.
SandboxHelperProcessExited 0x5 Indicates that a sandbox helper process ended unexpectedly.
GpuProcessExited 0x6 Indicates that the GPU process ended unexpectedly.
PpapiPluginProcessExited 0x7 Indicates that a PPAPI plugin process ended unexpectedly.
PpapiBrokerProcessExited 0x8 Indicates that a PPAPI plugin broker process ended unexpectedly.
UnknownProcessExited 0x9 Indicates that a process of unspecified kind ended unexpectedly.

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