Connector Version Release History

Connectors link specific connected data sources to Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) and Azure AD Connect. (In Forefront Identity Manager, connectors were known as management agents.) Many of the connectors, such as connectors to provision users into Active Directory, are delivered as part of the MIM Synchronization Service installation, and the installation package of Azure AD Connect. In addition, more connectors, such as to third-party directory servers, are shipped as a separate download so they can be more frequently updated to add support for connecting to MIM updated versions of third-party target systems.


This topic is primarily on FIM and MIM Connectors only. Unless explicitly called out below, these Connectors are not supported for install on Azure AD Connect. Released Connectors are preinstalled on Azure AD Connect when upgrading to specified Build.

This topic list all versions of the generic connectors package that have been released separately from MIM. For a list of connectors that are supported with MIM, see supported connectors in MIM 2016 SP1. Some partners have created their own connectors in this way, and a full list is available in the wiki FIM 2010 and MIM 2016: Management Agents from Partners.

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Fixed issues:

  • Generic SQL:
    • Fixed a regression bug on the Generic SQL Connector where the it was only reading the first 5000 objects.
  • Graph Connector:
    • Fixed an issue where the Graph API Connector failed to read/write from a tenant or create a new connector when the beta option is selected on connectivity.


  • Graph Connector:
    • Set the TLS 1.2 protocol as the default for the Graph connector.
  • Generic SQL Connector:
    • Generic SQL Connector has been tested with Oracle 12c and Oracle 18c.



This connector build version is only for use within Azure AD Connect deployments, and is not provided for use in MIM deployments.

Compared to the previous connector release, it contains no improvements or updates for MIM customers.

  • Updates the non-standard connectors (for example, Generic LDAP Connector and Generic SQL Connector) shipped with Azure AD Connect.


Fixed issues:

  • Change titles for all connector setup from 'Forefront to Microsoft'

  • Lotus Notes:

    • Errors in COM with Lotus sometimes return no errors
  • Generic LDAP:

    • Gldap Extra symbol for DI with PING directory server
  • Generic Web Services:

    • Error on Exporting json parsing
  • Generic SQL:

    • Export Binary Attribute
    • Object types cannot be substrings of each other
    • Changes in multi-valued table are not tracked in the operation of “Delta import”, if “Delta Strategy” is “Change Tracking”
  • Graph Connector(Public Preview)

    • Error on Group Deletes
    • Update User-Agent to http header
    • Connector doesn't validate Client ID and Client Secret
    • Tenant name filed should be trimmed


  • Lotus Notes: *Add the ability to increase timeout through UI
  • Graph Connector(Public Preview) *Password attribute is filtered on Import to eliminate "Export-not-reimported". *Add support of $filter query parameter -Limited to operations with all filters that work in delta query, will also work in the connector *Updated to use nextLink directly instead of extracting skipToken for paging detail here


Fixed issues:

  • Resolved ConnectorsLog System.Diagnostics.EventLogInternal.InternalWriteEvent(Message: A device attached to the system is not functioning)
  • In this release of connectors you will need to update binding redirect from to in miiserver.exe.config
  • Generic Web Services:
    • Resolved Valid JSON response could not be saved in configuration tool
  • Generic SQL:
    • Export always generates only update query for the operation of deleting. Added to generate a delete query
    • The SQL query which gets objects for the operation of Delta Import, if ‘Delta Strategy’ is ‘Change Tracking’ was fixed. In this implementation known limitation: Delta Import with ‘Change Tracking’ mode does not track changes in multi-valued attributes
    • Added possibility to generate a delete query for case, when it is necessary to delete the last value of multivalued attribute and this row does not contain any other data except value which it is necessary to delete.
    • System.ArgumentException handling when implemented OUTPUT parameters by SP
    • Incorrect query to make the operation of export into field which has varbinary(max) type
    • Issue with parameterList variable was initialized twice (in the functions ExportAttributes and GetQueryForMultiValue)

1.1.649.0 (AADConnect 1.1.649.0)

Fixed issues:

  • Lotus Notes:
    • Filtering custom certifiers option
    • Import of the class ImportOperations fixed the definition of what operations can be run in the 'Views' mode and which in the 'Search' mode.
  • Generic LDAP:
    • OpenLDAP Directory uses DN as anchor rather than entryUUI. New option to GLDAP connector which allows to modify anchor
  • Generic SQL:
    • Fixed export into field which has varbinary(max) type.
    • When adding binary data from a data source to CSEntry object, The DataTypeConversion function failed on zero bytes. Fixed DataTypeConversion function of the CSEntryOperationBase class.


  • Generic SQL:
    • The ability to configure the mode for execute stored procedure with named parameters or not named is added in a configuration window of the Generic SQL management agent in the page 'Global Parameters'. In the page 'Global Parameters' there is check box with the label 'Use named parameters to execute a stored procedure' which is responsible for mode for execute stored procedure with named parameters or not.
      • Currently, the ability to execute stored procedure with named parameters works only for databases IBM DB2 and MSSQL. For databases Oracle and MySQL this approach doesn’t work:
        • The SQL syntaxes of MySQL doesn’t support named parameters in stored procedures.
        • The ODBC driver for the Oracle doesn’t support named parameters for named parameters in stored procedures)

1.1.604.0 (AADConnect 1.1.614.0)

Fixed issues:

  • Generic Web Services:
    • Fixed an issue preventing a SOAP project from being created when there were two or more endpoints.
  • Generic SQL:
    • In the operation of import the GSQL was not converting time correctly, when saved to connector space. The default date and time format for connector space of the GSQL was changed from 'yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ssZ' to 'yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ssZ'.

1.1.551.0 (AADConnect 1.1.553.0)

Fixed issues:

  • Generic Web Services:

    • The Wsconfig tool did not convert correctly the Json array from "sample request" for the REST service method. This caused problems with serialization this Json array for the REST request.
    • Web Service Connector Configuration Tool does not support usage of space symbols in JSON attribute names
      • A Substitution pattern can be added manually to the WSConfigTool.exe.config file, e.g. <appSettings> <add key=”JSONSpaceNamePattern” value="__" /> </appSettings>


        JSONSpaceNamePattern key is required as for export you will recieve the following error: Message: Empty name is not legal.

  • Lotus Notes:

    • When the option Allow custom certifiers for Organization/Organizational Units is disabled then the connector fails during export (Update) After the export flow all attributes are exported to Domino but at the time of export a KeyNotFoundException is returned to Sync.

      • This happens because the rename operation fails when it tries to change DN (UserName attribute) by changing one of the attributes below:
        • LastName
        • FirstName
        • MiddleInitial
        • AltFullName
        • AltFullNameLanguage
        • ou
        • altcommonname
    • When Allow custom certifiers for Organization/Organizational Units option is enabled, but required certifiers are still empty, then KeyNotFoundException occurs.


Fixed issues:

  • Generic Web Services:

    • Can’t import Server configuration if WebService Connector is present
    • WebService Connector is not working with multiple Web Services
  • Generic SQL:

    • No object types are listed for single value referenced attribute
    • Delta import on Change Tracking strategy deletes object when value is removed from multi-value table
    • OverflowException in GSQL connector with DB2 on AS/400


  • Added option to enable\disable searching OUs before opening GlobalParameters page


Released: 2017 March


  • Generic SQL:
    Scenario Symptoms:  It is a well-known limitation with the SQL Connector where we only allow a reference to one object type and require cross reference with members.
    Solution description: In the processing step for references were "*" option is chosen, ALL combinations of object types will be returned back to the sync engine.


  • This will create many placeholders
  • It is required to make sure the naming is unique cross object types.
  • Generic LDAP:
    Scenario: When only few containers are selected in specific partition, then the search still will be done in whole partition. Specific will be filtered by Synchronization Service, but not by MA which might cause performance degradation.

    Solution description: Changed GLDAP connector's code to make it possible go through all containers and search objects in each of them, instead of searching in the whole partition.

  • Lotus Domino:

    Scenario: Domino mail deletion support for a person removal during an export.
    Solution: Configurable mail deletion support for a person removal during an export.

Fixed issues:

  • Generic Web Services:

    • When changing the service URL in Default SAP wsconfig projects through WebService Configuration Tool then the following error happens: Could not find a part of the path


  • Generic LDAP:

    • GLDAP Connector does not see all attributes in AD LDS
    • Wizard breaks when no UPN attributes are detected from the LDAP directory schema
    • Delta Imports Failing with discovery errors not present during full import, when "objectclass" attribute is not selected
    • A "Configure Partitions and Hierarchies” configuration page, doesn’t show any objects which type is equal to the partition for Novel servers in the Generic
      LDAP MA. They showed only objects from RootDSE partition.
  • Generic SQL:

    • Fix for Generic SQL watermark Delta Import multivalued attribute not imported bug
    • When exporting deleted\added values of multivalued attribute, they are not deleted\added in data source.
  • Lotus Notes:

    • A specific field "Full Name" is shown in the metaverse correctly however when exporting to Notes the value for the attribute is Null or Empty.
    • Fix for duplicate Certifier error
    • When the Object without any data is selected on the Lotus Domino Connector with other objects then we receive the Discovery error while performing Full-Import.
    • When Delta Import is being running on the Lotus Domino Connector, at the end of that run, the Microsoft.IdentityManagement.MA.LotusDomino.Service.exe service sometimes returns an Application Error.
    • Group membership overall works fine and is maintained, except when running the export to try to remove a user from membership it shows as successful with an update, but the user doesn’t actually get removed from membership in Lotus Notes.
    • An opportunity to choose mode of export as “Append Item at bottom” was added in configuration GUI of Lotus MA to append new items at bottom during the export for multi-valued attributes.
    • Connector will add the needed logic to delete the file from the Mail Folder and ID Vault.
    • Delete membership not working for cross NAB member.
    • Values should be successfully deleted from multi-valued attribute

Released: 2016 March

New Connector
Initial release of the Generic SQL Connector.

New features:

  • Generic LDAP Connector:
    • Added support for delta import with Isode.
  • Web Services Connector:
    • Updated the csEntryChangeResult activity and setImportErrorCode activity to allow object level errors to be returned back to the sync engine.
    • Updated the SAP6 and SAP6User templates to use the new object level error functionality.
  • Lotus Domino Connector:
    • For export, you need one certifier per address book. You can now use the same password for all certifiers to make the management easier.

Fixed issues:

  • Generic LDAP Connector:
    • For IBM Tivoli DS, some reference attributes were not detected correctly.
    • For Open LDAP during a delta import, whitespaces at the beginning and end of strings were truncated.
    • For Novell and NetIQ, an export that moved an object between OUs/containers and at the same time renamed the object failed.
  • Web Services Connector:
    • If the web service had multiple end-points for same binding, then the Connector did not correctly discover these end-points.
  • Lotus Domino Connector:
    • An export of the fullName attribute to a mail-in database did not work.
    • An export which both added and removed member from a group only exported the added members.
    • If a Notes Document is invalid (the attribute isValid set to false), then the Connector fails.

Older releases

Before March 2016, the Connectors were released as support topics.

Generic LDAP



Lotus Domino



When updating Microsoft Identity Manager or AADConnect with use of any of ECMA2 connectors.

You must refresh the connector definition upon upgrade to match or you will receive the following error in the application event log start to report warning ID 6947: "Assembly version in AAD Connector configuration ("X.X.XXX.X") is earlier than the actual version ("X.X.XXX.X") of "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Azure AD Sync\Extensions\Microsoft.IAM.Connector.GenericLdap.dll".

To refresh the definition:

  • Open the Properties for the Connector instance
  • Click the Connection / Connect to tab
    • Enter the password for the Connector account
  • Click each of the property tabs, in turn
    • If this Connector type has a Partitions tab, with a Refresh button, click the Refresh button while on that tab
  • After all property tabs have been accessed, click the OK button to save the changes.

Other connectors

In addition to the connectors listed above, connectors for SharePoint, and a legacy connector for Windows Azure Active Directory, were also distributed separately from MIM.

SharePoint User Profile

The Forefront Identity Manager Connector for SharePoint User Profile Store helps you synchronize identity information to the User Profile Store in SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016. Version 4.3.2430.0 of this connector, published 12/19/2016 can be downloaded from the Microsoft Download Center.

More information on this connector can be found at the hotfix rollup and instructions on how to Use a sample MIM solution in SharePoint Server 2016.

Forefront Identity Manager Connector for Windows Azure Active Directory (legacy connector)

The Azure AD Connector for FIM was an early technology for synchronizing identity information to Azure Active Directory. The Azure AD Connector for FIM, version 1.0.6635.0069 from February 19, 2014, is at feature freeze. It does not receive any updates but it is still supported. The solution of using FIM and the Azure AD Connector has been superseded by Azure AD Connect. Microsoft recommends that you do not begin a new deployment using this Connector.

Next steps

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