Publish default bookmarks


This article applies to the Microsoft Search in Bing admin portal. We’re moving the portal to the Microsoft 365 admin center, and then the Microsoft Search in Bing portal will be removed. We recommend that you use the Microsoft 365 admin center to get started. Overview of Microsoft Search.

To quickly see how bookmarks appear on Bing, publish the provided defaults. Use them as a reference to understand how to name bookmarks and create good keywords.

We suggest you review the two sets of default bookmarks:

  • Default published bookmarks

    These include results about Microsoft Search and help for Windows and Office apps. After Microsoft Search is enabled in the Microsoft 365 admin center, these are automatically published and will appear on Bing. You can edit or delete them at any time.

  • Default suggested bookmarks

    These include results for common work-related searches, including employee benefits, time and expense reporting, submitting purchase orders, and getting help from IT services.

If we find an existing bookmark with the same title or URL as a default bookmark, the default will be discarded. We won't modify the existing bookmark in any way, publish the default bookmark, or include the default bookmark in the Suggested list.

Update and publish a default suggested bookmark

  1. Go to the Microsoft Search Admin portal

  2. In the navigation pane, click Bookmarks

  3. On the Bookmarkspage, click Suggested

  4. Selected a suggested bookmark and click Edit

  5. Review the bookmark content and make any necessary edits

  6. Add missing information, such as a URL or description

  7. Click Publish

Currently, default bookmarks are only available in English.