Phones for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams supports a portfolio of desk phones for users who require a traditional phone experience. This article covers the list of phones that are certified for Microsoft Teams and the features supported in the phones certified for Microsoft Teams. To get the latest and up-to-date information on Teams certified devices, go to Teams Marketplace.

Teams certified IP phones

To deliver a high-quality and reliable Microsoft Teams experience on phones, we are partnering and actively working with Yealink, Crestron, Polycom, and Audiocodes to develop and certify a wide portfolio of desk phones and conference room audio devices. See Currently certified IP Phones for current supported devices.

Microsoft Teams phones feature set

A high-level set of features supported in Teams certified IP phones is available in the following table.

Features Desk Phone (Personal Mode) Conference Room Phone (Shared Mode)
Sign in with user credentials Yes Yes
Sign in using PC/Smartphone Yes Yes
Modern Authentication Yes Yes
Phone lock/unlock Yes No
Incoming/Outgoing P2P calls Yes Yes
In-call controls via UI (Mute, hold/resume, transfer, end call) Yes Yes
PSTN calls Yes Yes
Visual Voicemail Yes No
911 support Yes Yes
Calendar and Presence
Calendar Access and Meeting Details Yes Yes
Presence Integration Yes Yes
Exchange Calendar Integration Yes Yes
Contact Picture Integration Yes Yes
Corporate Directory Access Yes Yes
One-click Join for Meetings Yes Yes
Join Skype for Business meetings Yes Yes
Meeting Call controls (Mute/unmute, hold/resume, hang up, add/remove participant) Yes Yes
Meeting Details Yes No

We are working to continuously add features to help our users enhance their Teams experience on phones. The screen shots below illustrate some of the experiences we support today.

experience

When a user clicks the sign-in button in Teams, sign-in is started via the Company Portal. The user has the option to sign in by entering user credentials on the phone or by choosing to sign in from another device. If the user chooses to sign in from another device, the user can complete authentication from their PC or smartphone.

User sign-in with credentials

Screen shot of signing in with credentials

User sign-in via PC/smartphone

Screen shot of signing in with another device

Personal/shared mode

After successful sign-in, the user can choose whether the device will be used for personal use or in a shared conference room.

Screen shot of the personal or shared account option

The Teams phone experience is optimized based on the user's selection.

Personal mode

Screen shot of an account in personal mode

Shared mode

Screen shot of an account in shared mode

Calling experience

The Microsoft Teams user can lift the handset or press the speaker button to launch the dial pad on the calling screen. Alternatively, the user can use the hardware buttons (if available) to dial out a number.

On-screen dial pad

Screen shot of the on-screen dial pad

Calling screen

Screen shot of the calling screen

Meeting experience

The Microsoft Teams user can navigate to the meetings tab to view their meetings and use the Join button to join their Teams meetings.

Calendar view

Screen shot of meetings in calendar view

Meeting join view

Screen shot of a meeting in join view


The Microsoft Teams user can access their voicemail when they navigate to the Voicemail tab.

Screen shot of the Voicemail tab

User sign-out

The Teams phone user can choose to sign out by selecting the Sign Out option from the top left menu.

Screen shot of signing out of Teams

Finding the Firmware version on a mobile device

The minimum firmware version can be checked on the Teams sign-in page by choosing the Settings icon in the top-right corner and then clicking About.

Teams sign-in page

Screen shot of the Teams sign-in page

Settings page

Screen shot of the Teams Settings page

Required Licenses

Microsoft Teams licenses can be purchased as part of their Microsoft 365 and Office 365 subscriptions. To learn more about the required licenses for using Microsoft Teams on phones, see available phone system licenses.

For more information about getting Teams, check out How do I get access to Microsoft Teams?

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