Known issues for Microsoft Teams

The following table lists the known issues for Microsoft Teams.

Issue title Behavior / Symptom Known workaround Discovery date
EU and APAC customers receive an error when they add a guest user from another tenant
Customers in EU and APAC experience a replication delay between Microsoft Teams and Azure Active Directory. When a user from an EU or APAC tenant tries to add a guest user from any other tenant, they receive an error message asking them to try again.
Click the retry button again to execute the addition of the guest user.
When you try to join Teams from Internet Explorer or Edge, the program consistently loops or crashes and doesn't sign in.
Your organization utilizes Trusted Sites in Internet Explorer and the Teams web-based application does not correctly log in because trusted sites for Teams are not allowed.
Make the following changes to IE settings, either with Administrator rights or a Group Policy Object:
  1. Under Internet Options > Privacy > Advanced, accept First-Party and Third-Party cookies, and check the box for Always allow session cookies.
  2. Click Internet Options > Trusted Sites > Sites, and add all of the following:
    • https://*
    • https://*
    • https://*
    • https://*
    • https://*
    • https://*

NOTE: Always validate and allow all trusted URLs for Teams and the requirements from the following document: Office 365 URLs and IP address ranges.

Photo upload to Teams is not blocked on OWA/Outlook as policy requires
Teams allows users to upload photos directly to Office 365, in spite of policy settings in place preventing photo upload for OWA.

Teams URL with parameters gets truncated after login redirection
In Internet Explorer and Edge, when opening shared teams file link on a Teams web app for the first time after logging in, you'll be re-directed to the wrong document. If you are already signed in to team web app and click the shared file link, then the link works as expected.

Users might not be able to switch accounts on Intune-managed mobile devices
Users might not be able to switch accounts on Intune-managed mobile devices.
No workaround.
Wiki not created for channels created by guests
When a guest creates a new channel, the Wiki tab is not created. There isn't a way to manually attach a Wiki tab to the channel.
No workaround.
Green artifacts in Chrome video rendering
Green artifacts appear while viewing video or sharing the screen in a call or meet up in Chrome.
Disable the hardware acceleration setting in Chrome.
Outlook add-in limitations
To use the Outlook add-in, you must sign in to Teams using multi-factor authentication (MFA). If MFA fails halfway through the sign-in process, you'll still be able to sign into Teams, but you'll get an error message when you try to use the add-in.
The add-in is only available for Windows users for the time being.
The add-in won't work if you're using an authentication proxy.
No workaround.
Incorrect SharePoint user created for Microsoft Teams SharePoint site
The SharePoint creator for a Microsoft Teams Group appears to be a SharePoint Admin, not the correct user.
When auditing from the SharePoint administration console, the creator for the site collection page associated with the Office 365 Group created against the team in Microsoft Teams is the SharePoint admin.
No workaround.
Public team list does not display all teams
The list of public teams is based on the Microsoft Graph.
If you don't see a team, try searching for it in the top right search box.
Can't access OneNote in 1:1 chat
When in a 1:1 chat, click Notes, and Setup fails to open OneNote.
First, open OneDrive from Files, and then click on Notes in 1:1 chat, which will open OneNote. If the other user in the chat gets a permission denied error, they must open OneDrive in Teams first, which sets the personal site URL. 
Date format and digit separator use US format instead of EU format
When changing the language settings in Microsoft Teams, the date format and digit separator are not changed to the country-specific settings.
No workaround.
Minimize and Close tooltip remains on primary monitor
In the Windows client, the tooltip for Minimize and Close can remain in your primary monitor after you have minimized or closed the window.
This issue can be avoided by hovering over the Minimize button and waiting for the tooltip to appear before clicking.
Connector options are missing for some teams
When you right-click a channel, the Connectors option is not present for any member of the team.
The creator of the team must have an online mailbox; otherwise, no Connector option will be available. This is expected behavior.
A team name with an & symbol breaks connector functionality
When a team name is created with the & symbol, connectors within the Team/Group cannot be established.
Don't use special characters in team names.
Modern authentication failure
When there is an initial failure with multi-factor authentication, use the web app for authentication.
For more information, see Active Directory Federation Services prompt=login parameter support.
Check this setting: Set -MsolDomainFederationSettings -DomainName yourdomainhere -PreferredAuthenticationProtocol WsFed -SupportsMfa $False -PromptLoginBehavior Disabled.
Users can't recreate a pre-existing channel name
Once a channel name has been created, even if it's deleted, it cannot be recreated. Our system maintains this data for information protection scenarios.
No workaround.
Unable to insert stickers using mobile app
You can't use stickers on the mobile apps.
No workaround.
Skype for Business required for some meetings
Your calendar of appointments is conveniently displayed within Microsoft Teams. To enter a meeting, click the Join button.
While we are continuing development in this area, if this meeting was scheduled with Skype for Business and you click Join, Microsoft Teams will launch your Skype for Business client to complete your entrance into the meeting. Meetings scheduled within Microsoft Teams will initiate directly within the product.
In the future, we will streamline this experience.
Click Join. Microsoft Teams will intelligently decide whether Skype for Business is required for a user to join the meeting based on the URL included in the meeting description.
Missing Meetings icon in the left nav bar
The Meetings icon on the app bar is currently only enabled for users whose mailbox is on Office 365 multi-tenant and a select few dedicated users whose mailbox location can be discovered using Exchange auto discovery.
Microsoft Teams does not yet support mailboxes housed in Exchange on-premises and Exchange Dedicated. This is under investigation; however, there is no timing for delivering this capability.
No workaround.
Attendee maximum for meetings
Each Microsoft Teams meeting can have up to 80 attendees.
No workaround.
Unable to join meetings from the Windows mobile client
You cannot join a team meeting from the Windows Phone app.
Support for joining meetings from Window Phone is coming soon.
Mobile Teams client layout differences
Teams are listed in alphabetical order, and the channels cannot be collapsed on the mobile client.
No workaround.
List of workspaces is not alphabetized
Users switching workspaces when adding a PowerBI tab will encounter an unalphabetized list of workspaces to switch between.
No workaround.
Scroll bar disappears when selecting reports
Users adding PowerBI reports can't scroll through a list longer than one screen of reports without losing their scroll bar.
Use Up and Down arrows to scroll through the list.
Users can't create a team
Your company may have set a policy restricting who can create Office 365 groups or teams.
Check with your IT admin to understand your company's policy for creating groups and teams.
Team member maximum of 2500
Each Microsoft Team can have a maximum of 2500 members per team.
No workaround.
Deleting a team will also delete the group associated with it
Users may not realize that the underlying Office 365 Group is deleted when the team is deleted. Additionally, if the underlying Office 365 Group is deleted, the team is deleted as well.
Additional language in Microsoft Teams provides this information to the user. This information is not present in the Office 365 Groups interface.
Planner single sign-on (SSO)
SSO does not apply to Planner. You will have to sign in again the first time you use Planner on each client.
No workaround. Further authentication enhancements are being worked on.
Can't save profile picture
Users can't save their profile picture when the Exchange Mailbox is hosted (homed) on-premises.
No workaround.
Meetings not available
Meeting functionality and icon are not available when Exchange Mailbox is hosted (homed) on-premises.
Upgrade to Exchange 2016 CU3 or later for the on-premises deployment.
Group mailboxes are not enabled for archival (extra storage) purposes
In the Office 365 Security and Compliance Center, Global Admins cannot enable archival on Group mailboxes. They can do this on user mailboxes only.
If the Group mailbox capacity is nearly full, please contact Microsoft Office Support to extend mailbox size.
Safari web client support
Users trying to open the Microsoft Teams web client on Safari are directed to download the desktop client. Microsoft is looking into Safari support and will share updates on the Teams Roadmap.
Use supported internet browsers, which include: Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, the latest version of Chrome (plus the two previous versions), and the latest version of Firefox (plus the two previous versions).
Team members can't be reached for ad-hoc meetings
Ad hoc meetings are supported if both people are using the latest app. Meetings are not yet supported on the Windows Phone app.
Download and install the latest desktop, iOS, or Android app to join the meeting.
Skype for Business on-premises users aren't getting my messages
Messages will not complete when Microsoft Teams users try to send a message to another individual who is using Skype for Business on-premises.
Interoperability between Teams and users hosted on Skype for Business Online is supported. Teams users can send 1:1 chats to non-Teams users using Skype for Business Online.
Interoperability between Teams and users hosted on Skype for Business on-premises is not supported. Teams users cannot send 1:1 chats to non-Teams users using Skype for Business on-premises.