A card is a user-interface (UI) container for short or related pieces of information. Cards can have multiple properties and attachments. Cards can include buttons which can trigger Card actions.

Teams uses cards in three different places:

  • Connectors
  • Bots
  • Messaging extensions

Cards in Connectors

Cards were first defined as part of Outlook and Office 365, and are used as part of Office 365 Connectors. Like many Office 365 applications, Teams supports Connectors. You can learn more about Connectors in Office 365 Connectors for Microsoft Teams, and find the specification for cards in connectors in Actionable message card reference.

Any card used by any Office 365 Connector will work in Teams as part of a Connector in Teams. Support is detailed in Access existing Office 365 Connectors from Microsoft Teams.

Cards in Bots

The Microsoft Bot Framework extends the cards specification by adding a set of predefined cards that bots can use as part of bot messages. Teams supports bots using the Bot Framework but it supports a slightly different set of these cards. General information on cards in Bot Framework can be found in Add rich card attachments to messages.

The cards that are supported by bots in Teams are detailed in Teams Card Reference. These cards can not be used in connectors. Connector cards can be used in bots, however, using the O365 Connector Card. Any card you can create using the Office 365 Card format can be used with Microsoft Teams bots.

Cards in Messaging Extensions

Messaging Extensions can also return a card. These can be a Hero, Thumbnail, O365ConnectorCard, or Adaptive cards. These cards can be found in the Teams Card Reference.

Adaptive cards

Adaptive cards are a new cross product specification for cards in Microsoft products including Bots, Cortana, Outlook, and Windows. For more general information from the Adaptive cards team see Adaptive Cards Overview. You can use adaptive cards anywhere you can use existing Hero cards, Office365 cards, and Thumbnail cards.

Card reference

All cards used by Teams are listed in the Teams Card Reference. This reference also describes differences between Bot Framework cards and cards in Teams.