Learn about creating Teams apps, and find everything you need to know about the building blocks of a Teams app: tabs, bots, connectors, messaging extensions, and more.

What you'll find here

In these topics, you'll find the information you need to bring your apps to life.

Apps for Teams Understand how apps work in Teams and what features make up an app.
Tabs Learn more about creating Tabs for Teams apps.
Bots Use the Teams extensions for Microsoft bot framework to create interactive conversational bots.
Cards How to use cards in bots, connectors and messaging extensions.
Authentication Learn how authentication and authorization work in Teams.
Activity feed The activity feed is the user's single inbox for all activity across Teams. The feed aggregates important content from many sources.
Connectors Use Office 365 Connectors to push your app's rich content into Microsoft Teams.
Notification only bots How to write bots that only send messages using the isNotificationOnly field in the app manifest.
Messaging extensions Let users query for information from your service and post that information, in the form of rich cards, right into the channel conversation.
Outgoing webhooks Outgoing webhooks are an easy way to connect to your service without going through the full process of creating a bot.
Deep links You can enable team members to create and share links to items within your tab by adding a "copy link" action to each item, in whatever way best suits your UI.