Publish your app to the Microsoft Teams store

You can distribute your app directly to the store inside Microsoft Teams and reach millions of users around the world. If your app is also featured in the store, you can instantly reach potential customers.

Apps published to the Teams store also automatically list on Microsoft AppSource, which is the official marketplace for Microsoft 365 apps and solutions.

Understand the publishing process

When you feel your app is production ready, you can begin the process of getting it listed on the Teams store.


Following the pre-submission steps closely can increase the possibility that Microsoft approves your app for publishing.

  1. Review the Teams store validation guidelines to make sure your app meets Teams app and store standards.
  2. Create a Partner Center developer account.
  3. Prepare your store submission, which includes running automated tests, compiling test notes, creating a store listing, among other important tasks to help expedite the review process.
  4. Submit your app through Partner Center.
  5. If your submission fails, work with Microsoft directly to resolve the issues and resubmit your app.

Diagram showing the Teams app store publishing process.

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