Microsoft Teams developer community channels

Microsoft Teams community of developers use Stack Overflow to connect with other developers to ideate, get clarifications, and submit queries. In addition, you can also use one of the following contacts or sites, depending on the type of support required to submit your queries, doubts, or clarifications. You can also get product-specific information, such as issues, limitations, and general questions about Microsoft Teams:

Support type Contact
Bot and Messaging Extension SDK issues or suggestions Submit issues and feature requests to the SDK repository for your bot's language (C#, Javascript, or Python). Post How-to questions at Stack Overflow using the botframework & microsoft-teams tag.
Community chat group Select SIGN IN TO START TALKING to join the informal community chat room for Microsoft Teams app developers, if you are signing in for the first time. Select JOIN ROOM if you are already logged in.
Community support
  • Stack Overflow: Use the botframework & microsoft-teams tag to post the questions. You must follow the Stack Overflow guidelines, such as provide a descriptive title, a complete and concise problem statement, along with sufficient detail to reproduce your issue. Feature requests or broad questions are off-topic. If you are a new user, for more information, see Stack Overflow Help Center.
  • Microsoft Q&A: Use the office-teams-app-dev tag to post questions. We love Stack Overflow and our extensive support is assured for customers who ask questions there. However, Stack Overflow has specific criteria about questions that are appropriate for the community and Microsoft Q&A has an open policy regarding this.
Documentation issues Select This page in the Submit and view feedback section available at the footer of the documentation, to open an issue on the Microsoft Teams documentation GitHub repository.
Documentation updates Select Edit in the article you want to update, and submit a pull request to the Microsoft Teams documentation GitHub repository.
Features suggestions Post feature suggestions on Microsoft Teams feedback portal on UserVoice.
General questions Send general questions about the Microsoft Teams developer platform to Microsoft Teams Community Help. We encourage posting questions on the channels mentioned here and use email only if no other mode of communication is applicable.
Samples Submit issues with samples to respective Microsoft Teams Samples repository.
Tab SDK issues or suggestions Submit issues and feature requests to the SDK repository for Microsoft Teams JavaScript Library. Use the microsoft-teams tag to post how-to questions about the SDK at Stack Overflow.

Product support channels

The following table lists the support channels to submit Teams product related queries:

Support type Contact
Microsoft Teams product issues and failures Tenant Admin can reach out to Microsoft 365 Product Support.
General questions about Microsoft Teams Submit your questions on Microsoft Teams Community.

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