App Templates for Microsoft Teams

App templates are production-ready apps for Microsoft Teams that are community driven, open-source, and available on GitHub. Each contains detailed instructions for deploying and installing that app for your organization, providing a ready-to-use app that you can install and begin using immediately. The complete source code is available as well, so you can explore it in detail, or fork the code and alter it to meet your specific needs.

Key benefits of using app templates

  • Plug and play experience: All app templates include deployments scripts that will allow you to host all necessary services in Microsoft Azure. No coding is required to deploy the apps.
  • Production-ready code: The app templates conform to recommended best practices around security and infrastructure, and all community submitted changes to them are reviewed to ensure continued conformance.
  • Customizable and extensible: While all app templates are ready to deploy as they are, we provide the entire code base and deployment scripts so that you can easily customize or extend them to fit your unique needs.
  • Detailed documentation & support: All app templates are accompanied by end-to-end documentation on solution architecture, deployment, and configuration steps. The repositories are monitored as well, so please report any issues you encounter by raising an Issue on GitHub.

Company Communicator

The Company Communicator app enables corporate teams to create and send messages intended for multiple teams or large number of employees over chat allowing organization to reach employees right where they collaborate. Utilize this template for multiple scenarios such as new initiative announcements, employee onboarding, modern learning and development or organization-wide broadcasts.

The app provides an easy interface for designated users to create, preview, collaborate and send messages.

It provides a foundation to build custom targeted communication capabilities such as custom telemetry on how many users acknowledged or interacted with a message.

Get it on GitHub here

FAQ Plus gif

FAQ Plus

Conversational Q&A bots are an easy way to provide answers to frequently asked questions by users. However, most bots fail to engage with users in meaningful way because there is no human in the loop when the bot fails. FAQ bot is a friendly Q&A bot that brings a human in the loop when it is unable to help. One can ask the bot a question and the bot responds with an answer if it is contained in the knowledge base. If not, the bot allows the user to submit a query which then gets posted in a pre-configured team of experts who are help to provide support by acting upon the notifications from within their team itself.

Get it on GitHub here

FAQ Plus gif

Collaboration in Microsoft Teams quite often references information contained within items in a SharePoint list. Simply pasting a link to the item in question forces everyone to switch context away from the conversation, find the needed information, then return to Teams to continue the conversation. As the conversation continues typically people will have to switch back to the reference item multiple times to verify new comments and refresh their memories of the information contained within the item. This context switching creates a barrier to smooth collaboration, and is a recipe for things falling through the cracks.

To help alleviate this pain, we are happy to bring to you the List Search app template. Millions of users use SharePoint to power some of the core workflows in their organizations. However, collaborating around lists can be especially tedious. Using the List Search app template in Microsoft Teams, users can insert information from SharePoint list items directly within a chat conversation to alleviate the context-switching caused when simply inserting a link into a chat. The information is inserted as an easy-to-read auto-formatted card, helping your users stay engaged in the conversation.

Get it on GitHub here

List Search app

Custom Stickers

Self-expression is core to a healthy team culture. This app template is a messaging extension that enables your users to use custom stickers and GIFs within Microsoft Teams. This template provides an easy web-based configuration experience where anyone with configuration access can upload the GIFs/stickers/images they want their end-users to have, allowing your entire team to use any set of stickers you chose.

This app also enables easy sharing of images/GIFs/stickers across teams without needing access to SharePoint sites or individual channels as storage and sharing mechanisms. For example, product teams can easily share product images and GIFs to social media, marketing and sales teams programmatically. One can also extend this app by triggering a notification flow to specific teams/individuals when new images/GIFs are made available.

Get it on GitHub here

Stickers app


Icebreaker is a Microsoft Teams bot that helps your team get closer by pairing two random team members up every week to meet. The bot makes scheduling easy by automatically suggesting free times that work for both members. Strengthen personal connections and build a tightly knit community with this app.

In addition to encouraging personal connections across your entire team, the Icebreaker app can help cultivate interest-based communities within your organization. For example, you can use this app for a DevOps interest group to help ideas and best practices organically spread across your organization.

Get it on GitHub here

Icebreaker app

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