Teams Toolkit Overview

Teams Toolkit for Microsoft Visual Studio Code helps you to create and deploy Teams apps with integrated identity, access to cloud storage, data from Microsoft Graph, and other services in Azure and Microsoft 365 with zero-configuration approach. For Teams app development, similar to Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio, you can use CLI tool, which consists of Toolkit teamsfx. Teams Toolkit lets you create, debug, and deploy your Teams app right from Visual Studio Code. App development with the toolkit has the advantages of:

  • Integrated identity
  • Access to cloud storage
  • Data from Microsoft Graph
  • Azure and Microsoft 365 services with zero-configuration approach.

Teams Toolkit brings all tools needed for building a Teams app in one place.

User journey of Teams Toolkit

Teams Toolkit automates manual work and provides great integration of Teams and Azure resources. The following image shows Teams Toolkit user journey:

User Journey of the Teams Toolkit

The main milestones of this journey are:

  1. Start by creating a new project or trying a sample Teams app.
  2. Add capabilities or edit manifest file as needed.
  3. Use Microsoft 365 account to build and debug your Teams app.
  4. Use Azure account to provision and deploy your app to cloud.
  5. Publish your app to Teams.

Install Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio Code

  1. Open Visual Studio Code.

  2. Select the Extensions view (Ctrl+Shift+X / ⌘⇧-X or View > Extensions).


  3. Enter Teams Toolkit in the search box.


  4. Select Install.

    install toolkit 4.0.0


You can install Teams Toolkit from Visual Studio Code Marketplace.

Take a tour of Teams Toolkit

After Toolkit installation, you'll see the Teams Toolkit UI as shown in following image:

mini functions

You can select Get Started to explore the Teams Toolkit, or select Create a new Teams App to create one Teams project. If you have a Teams project created by Teams Toolkit opened in Visual Studio Code, you will see Teams Toolkit UI with all functionalities as shown in the following image:

Screen shot ofteams toolkit

Let's take a tour of the topics covered in this document.


To develop a Teams app, you need at least one Microsoft 365 account with a valid subscription. If you want to host your backend resources on Azure, an Azure account is also needed. Teams Toolkit supports integrated experience to sign-in, provision, and deployment for Azure resources. You can create a free Azure account before you start.


Teams Toolkit helps you to create and manage multiple environments, provision, and deploy artifacts to the target environment for Teams App.

TeamsFx Collaboration

It allows developers and project owner to invite other collaborators to the TeamsFx project to debug, provision, and deploy the same TeamsFx project.

Teamsfx project


Teams Toolkit helps you to create and customize your Teams app project that makes the Teams app development work simpler.

Create a new Teams app

It helps you to start with Teams app development by creating new Teams project using Teams Toolkit either by using Create new project or Start from a sample.

Add Features

It helps you to incrementally add additional Teams capabilities such as Tab or Bot or optionally add Azure resources such as Azure SQL Database or Azure Key Vault, which fits your development needs to your current Teams app. You can also add Single Sign-on or CI/CD workflows for your Teams app.

Edit manifest file

It helps you to edit the Teams app integration with Teams client.


During or after the development, ensure to provision, deploy, and publish Teams app before it is accessible to users.

Provision in the cloud

It integrates with Azure Resource Manager that enables you to provision Azure resources, which your application needs for code approach.

Deploy to the cloud

It helps you to deploy the source code to Azure.

Publish to Teams

After creating the app, you can distribute your app to different scope, such as individual, team, organization, or anyone. Publish to Teams helps you to publish your developed app.

TeamsFx CLI

It is a text-based command line interface that accelerates Teams application development and also enables CI/CD scenario where you can integrate CLI in scripts for automation.

TeamsFx SDK

It helps you to reduce tasks of implementing identity and access to cloud resources to single-line statements with zero configuration.

Help and Feedback

In this section, you can find the documentation and resources you need. You can select Report issues on GitHub in the Teams Toolkit to get Quick support from product expert. Browse the issue before you create a new one, or visit StackOverflow tag teams-toolkit to submit feedback.


Browse existing issues before you create a new one, or visit StackOverflow tag teams-toolkit to submit feedback.

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