Experimental Mobile Blazor Bindings

Experimental Mobile Blazor Bindings enable developers to build native mobile apps using C# and .NET for iOS and Android using familiar web programming patterns. Experimental Mobile Blazor Bindings uses Razor syntax to define UI components and behaviors of an application. The underlying UI components are based on Xamarin.Forms native UI components.

Blazor runs on .NET Standard 2.0 so you can share your .NET code with most other .NET apps.

This is a sample Hello, World! component:

    <Label FontSize="30"
           Text="@("You pressed " + count + " times")" />
    <Button Text="+1"
            OnClick="@HandleClick" />

@code {
    int count;

    void HandleClick()

And here it is running in the Android Emulator:

Hello World running in the Android Emulator

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