setapikey command (NuGet CLI)

Applies to: package consumption, publishing • Supported versions: all

Saves an API key for a given server URL into NuGet.Config so that it doesn't need to be entered for subsequent commands.


nuget setapikey <key> -Source <url> [options]

where <source> identifies the server and <key> is the key to save. If <source> is omitted, is assumed.


API key is not used for authenticating with the private feed. Refer to nuget sources command to manage credentials for authenticating with the source. API keys can be obtained from the individual NuGet servers. To create and manage APIKeys for refer to publish-api-key


Option Description
ConfigFile The NuGet configuration file to apply. If not specified, %AppData%\NuGet\NuGet.Config (Windows) or ~/.nuget/NuGet/NuGet.Config (Mac/Linux) is used.
ForceEnglishOutput (3.5+) Forces nuget.exe to run using an invariant, English-based culture.
Help Displays help information for the command.
NonInteractive Suppresses prompts for user input or confirmations.
Verbosity Specifies the amount of detail displayed in the output: normal, quiet, detailed.

Also see Environment variables


nuget setapikey 4003d786-cc37-4004-bfdf-c4f3e8ef9b3a

nuget setapikey 4003d786-cc37-4004-bfdf-c4f3e8ef9b3a -source