PidLidDistributionListOneOffMembers Canonical Property

Applies to: Outlook 2013 | Outlook 2016

Specifies the list of one-off EntryIds that correspond to the members of the personal distribution list.

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Long ID (LID):
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These one-off EntryIds encapsulate display names and email addresses of the personal distribution list members.

If the client or the server set this property, it must be synchronized with the dispidDLMembers (PidLidDistributionListMembers) property: for each entry in the dispidDLOneOffMembers property, there must be an entry in the same position in the dispidDLMembers property.

When setting dispidDLOneOffMembers, the client or the server must ensure that its total size is less than 15,000 bytes in size.

Protocol specifications


Provides property set definitions and references to related Exchange Server protocol specifications.


Specifies the properties and operations that are permissible for contacts and personal distribution lists.

Header files


Provides data type definitions.

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