PidLidTaskStartDate Canonical Property

Applies to: Outlook 2013 | Outlook 2016

The date when the user expects to begin the task.

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If this property value is left unset, the task does not have a start date. A value of "0x5AE980E0" (1,525,252,320) also means that the task does not have a start date. If the task has a start date, the value must have a time component of midnight, and the dispidTaskDueDate (PidLidTaskDueDate) and dispidCommonStart (PidLidCommonStart) properties must also be set.

This property is shared by the Informational Flagging Protocol Specification and Task-Related Object Protocol Specification located in [MS-OXOTASK].

Protocol specifications


Provides property set definitions and references to related Exchange Server protocol specifications.


Specifies the properties and operations that are permissible on contacts and personal distribution lists.

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Provides data type definitions.

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