PidTagSpoolerStatus Canonical Property

Applies to: Outlook 2013 | Outlook 2016

Contains the status of the message based on information that is available to the MAPI spooler.

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Data type:
MAPI non-transmittable


This property is computed by MAPI on message objects.

This property appears on inbound messages only and is reserved in all other cases. It indicates whether or not a message has been delivered to its final location or whether a messaging hook provider potentially deleted the message while rerouting it.

Client applications should never set this property. For an inbound message, a client or service provider can call IMAPIProp::GetProps on this property to determine the message status. The value S_OK indicates that the message was successfully delivered to the message store. The value MAPI_E_OBJECT_DELETED indicates that the message was deleted and was never committed to the store.

Message store providers should support this property on messages, recipient tables, and the outgoing queue table. Clients and providers should be able to set columns on the outgoing queue table and restrict based on this property.

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