PidTagStatus Canonical Property

Applies to: Outlook 2013 | Outlook 2016

Contains a 32-bit bitmask of flags that define folder status.

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Data type:
MAPI container


This property for folders is analogous to the PR_MSG_STATUS (PidTagMessageStatus) property for messages. Its flags are provided for the client application only and do not affect the message store. Clients can use or ignore these settings. The client can also define its own values for the client-definable bits of this property.

One or more of the following flags can be set for the bitmask:


The folder is marked for deletion. The client application sets this flag.


The folder is hidden.


The folder is highlighted, for example, shown in reverse video.


The folder is tagged.

Message store providers set this property on a folder to one or more of these values and clients interpret the status as appropriate for their applications. For example, a client can use the folder status to visually differentiate between folders in a hierarchy table, displaying folders with the same status in the same way. Highlighted folders can be shown in reverse video, tagged folders and folders marked for deletion can be shown with a meaningful icon, and hidden folders can be concealed.

Bits 16 through 31 ("0x10000" through "0x80000000") of this property are available for use by the IPM client application. All other bits are reserved for use by MAPI; those not defined in the preceding list should be initially set to zero and not altered.

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