Meeting requests

This section provides sample tasks that involve meeting requests, which are requests to add appointments to a recipient's calendar.

In this section

Topic Description
Create a meeting request, add recipients, and specify a location Creates an appointment item as a meeting request, specifies the time, recipients, and location of the meeting, and displays the appointment in an inspector.
Get the organizer of a meeting Programmatically returns the organizer of a meeting.
Check all responses to a meeting request Checks the status of each recipient’s response to a meeting request.
Find the appointment item associated with a meeting request Uses the GetAssociatedAppointment(Boolean) method to find the appointment that is associated with a meeting request.
Automatically accept a meeting request Uses the Respond(OlMeetingResponse, Object, Object) method to automatically accept a meeting request.
Prompt a user to respond to a meeting request Prompts the user for a response to a meeting request, and enables the user to edit the response before sending it.

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