Excel JavaScript API requirement sets

Requirement sets are named groups of API members. Office Add-ins use requirement sets specified in the manifest or use a runtime check to determine whether an Office host supports APIs that an add-in needs. For more information, see Office versions and requirement sets.

Requirement set availability

Excel add-ins run across multiple versions of Office, including Office 2016 or later on Windows, and Office on the web, Mac, and iPad. The following table lists the Excel requirement sets, the Office host applications that support each requirement set, and the build versions or number for those applications.


To use APIs in any of the numbered requirement sets or ExcelApiOnline, you should reference the production library on the CDN: https://appsforoffice.microsoft.com/lib/1/hosted/office.js.

For information about using preview APIs, see the Excel JavaScript preview APIs article.

Requirement set Office on Windows
(connected to Office 365 subscription)
Office on iPad
(connected to Office 365 subscription)
Office on Mac
(connected to Office 365 subscription)
Office on the web
Preview Please use the latest Office version to try preview APIs (you may need to join the Office Insider program)
ExcelApiOnline N/A N/A N/A Latest (see requirement set page)
ExcelApi 1.10 Version 1907 (Build 11929.20306) or later 2.30 or later 16.30 or later October 2019
ExcelApi 1.9 Version 1903 (Build 11425.20204) or later 2.24 or later 16.24 or later May 2019
ExcelApi 1.8 Version 1808 (Build 10730.20102) or later 2.17 or later 16.17 or later September 2018
ExcelApi 1.7 Version 1801 (Build 9001.2171) or later 2.9 or later 16.9 or later April 2018
ExcelApi 1.6 Version 1704 (Build 8201.2001) or later 2.2 or later 15.36 or later April 2017
ExcelApi 1.5 Version 1703 (Build 8067.2070) or later 2.2 or later 15.36 or later March 2017
ExcelApi 1.4 Version 1701 (Build 7870.2024) or later 2.2 or later 15.36 or later January 2017
ExcelApi 1.3 Version 1608 (Build 7369.2055) or later 1.27 or later 15.27 or later September 2016
ExcelApi 1.2 Version 1601 (Build 6741.2088) or later 1.21 or later 15.22 or later January 2016
ExcelApi 1.1 Version 1509 (Build 4266.1001) or later 1.19 or later 15.20 or later January 2016


The build number for Office 2016 installed via MSI is 16.0.4266.1001. This version only contains the ExcelApi 1.1 requirement set.

Office versions and build numbers

For more information about Office versions and build numbers, see:

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